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Player Characters

Character Race Class Background
Ursus Half-Orc Barbarian – Totem Warrior Outlander
Nature’s Fang Elf Druid Background
Zherlech Erthos Tiefling Warlock Background
Bran Human Cleric – War Domain Soldier

Faction Status

Character Faction Rank Renown
Ursus Emerald Enclave 1 0
Nature’s Fang Emerald Enclave 1 0
Zherlech Erthos Faction 1 0
Bran Emerald Enclave 1 0

Optional Rules

The following Variant Rules from the Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide will be used in the campaign.

Variant Rule Book Page #
Customizing Ability Scores Player’s Handbook 13
Variant Human Traits Player’s Handbook 31
Multiclassing Player’s Handbook 163
Feats Player’s Handbook 165
Playing on a Grid Player’s Handbook 192
Mixing Potions Dungeon Master’s Guide 140
Scroll Mishap Dungeon Master’s Guide 140
Wands that Don’t Recharge Dungeon Master’s Guide 141
Climb onto a Bigger Creature Dungeon Master’s Guide 271
Overrun Dungeon Master’s Guide 272
Shove Aside Dungeon Master’s Guide 272
Tumble Dungeon Master’s Guide 272
Hitting Cover Dungeon Master’s Guide 272
Cleaving through Creatures Dungeon Master’s Guide 272
Injuries1 Dungeon Master’s Guide 272

1 Only when a critical hit reduces a character to 0 Hit Points or Less

Character Creation

This section covers the rules for character creation for this campaign. Please contact the DM if you have any questions.

Character Advancement

This section covers the rules for character advancement for this campaign.


Game Guide

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